The Feral familia is the foundation of our strong community! Our lead trainer, Valentina Lequeux built the feral community to motivate and empower the members to support and love one another.


“I understand what it’s like to feel alone, thinking you’re the only one going through hardships, depression, or shyness to set foot in the gym when you’re just starting. I wished then I had a community of strong like minded people who could share their experiences and bounce off ideas, and create lasting friendships with, that’s why I built this private community, so we could all have a sacred space where we could share without feeling judged, and foster positivity in our minds.” - Valentina


 We are so proud of how strong the community has become, overflowing with body confidence, positivity and friendship across the world!


You can be part of this strong community by joining the current running challenge or one of the custom coaching plans!: